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A Private Memorial Museum™ Provides A Beautiful Place To Remember Those Who Have Passed As Well As A Sacred, Safe Healing Place For The Living


Planning Ahead Provides Peace Of Mind & Allows You And Your Family The Opportunity To Design Your Memorial


Plan ahead for the only guarantee in life…


Many individuals and families plan ahead in life. They plan for expected as well as unexpected life events. Ironically, planning for your Private Memorial Museum™ is both expected and unexpected. Once our clients understand the importance & benefits (Private Memorial Museums™ Are Estate-Excluded Items), many will not only make their own arrangements but also make arrangements for the entire family...including other family members that have already passed on.

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The Eternal Legacy has the expertise & experience with helping the 'Big & Tall' in creating their Custom Private Memorial Museum™ and corresponding merchandise (caskets/urns).

Fact: The ‘Big & Tall’…Unfortunately, the funeral industry has never planned for this, but WE have. Caskets are 6’6” and graves are 7’. Crematories also have restrictions. We provide the worlds finest, exclusive custom merchandise that will accommodate the ‘Big & Tall’ in their custom Private Memorial Museum.™

With Unlimited Design The Possibilities are Endless & Timeless...we deliver exactly what you envision



The Artistry of Keith Collins

Keith Collins’ tapestries can be found in several noteworthy collections. Select celebrity clientele include: Jack Nicholson, Britney Spears, Shaquille O’Neal, Jay Leno, Snoop Dogg, LeBron James, Michael Andretti, Nicolas Cage, Bill Cosby, Enzo Ferrari, Macy Gray, Jimmy “Jam” Harris, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Magic Johnson, Larry King, Gladys Knight, J.W. Marriott, Jr., Floyd Mayweather, Jr., Chris Paul, Roger Penske, Shaun Phillips, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Britney Spears, Kimora Lee, Lionel Ritchie and Brandon Phillips.

Keith Collins is a self-taught, LosAngeles-based artist and designer who has been creating handmade tapestries for over five decades. His commissioned works, range in style from traditional to custom designs, have been included in local and international private collections. Prized for their uncompromising craftsmanship, Keith’s tapestries bring acoustic control and warmth to interior design.




Each Private Memorial Museum™ begins as just an idea and is completely customizable to your desires whether your final disposition is burial or cremation.

Until the completion of your project, our executive team will work with you, side-by-side to develop your vision, construct your master-crafted Private Museum™. And finally, install your ‘Eternal Legacy’ at your chosen site (Cemetery or Private Property) with a warranty of perpetuity.

Your Privacy is of the Utmost Importance

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Custom made Heart Urn

Diamond Urns

Custom made Heart Urn
Custom made Dog Urn
Custom made Cross Urn
Custom made Angel Urn

Nate Drew began his career in the jewelry industry in 2002. Nate’s extensive and intimate knowledge of the fine jewelry industry has been meticulously handed-down from his family, spanning five generations. Drew has designed for A-list celebrities, professional athletes and royalty, including Kevin Durant, Kevin Hart, Princess Shamsa Al Maktoum (UAE), the Kroenke-Walton family and more.

In 2009, Nate decided to use his knowledge and experience to create a uniquely American luxury jewelry brand, embodying the unyielding spirit of classic New York and inspired by the luxury of modern Beverly Hills. Soon, Drew became known for transforming diamonds and gold into his own original, heirloom-quality brand of wearable art, attracting high-end clients from Los Angeles and around the world.

In 2019, Nate created Diamond Urns. An industry first, the concept was born after the tragic loss of Nate’s father. From his personal pain, Drew envisioned creating an everlasting glimmer of light during his darkest moments of grief. With enduring optimism, Drew began collaborating with the industry’s finest craftsmen, creating infinitely beautiful urns with unsurpassed style. Nate creates each Diamond Urn with the same love, dedication and respect for which he has become known.

In the short time since launching Diamond Urns, Nate has established himself within the funeral industry, bringing an enduring reputation for honesty, reliability and outstanding craftsmanship.

Many of the world's best known families choose to handcraft their Custom Private Memorial Museum™ as a lasting tribute

Families Of Distinction

  • The Rockefeller Family - Industrialists
  • The Ford Family - Industrialists
  • Robert De Niro - Actor
  • Martin Scorcese - Film Director
  • Michael Todd - Movie Producer
  • Wyne Calloway - Former CEO / Fortune 100
  • The Phillips Family - Entrepreneur
  • James "Jim" Patterson - Entrepreneur
  • James Nemec - Lawyer and Entrepreneur
  • Muhammad Ali - Athlete / Champion Boxer
  • The Dick Button Family - Olympic Skater
  • Roger Marls - Professional Athete / Baseball
  • Les Paul - American Jaxx Guitarist
  • Charles Lindbergh - Aviator
  • Barbara Streisand - Entertainer
  • Miles Davis - Jaxx Musician / Artist
  • Kate Smith - Entrepreneur
  • Cecil O'Brate - Entrepreneur
  • Martin Luther King  - Civil Rights Leader
  • Honorable Silvio Conti - U.S. Congressman
  • Honorable John McCain - U.S. Senator
  • Vincent Dioguardi - Memorialist
  • John Viscosi - Memorialist
  • Colonel Harlan Sanders - Entrepreneur
  • Marvin Whipplie - Entrepreneur
  • The Pincus Family - Financiers
  • The Valanni Family - Real Estate

Accomplished & Discreet

William (Bill) Savino

We specialize in guiding accomplished individuals and families through the creation of their unique eternal legacy and we understand that your privacy is of the utmost importance.

Every individual and family receives a direct consultation with our Founder and Licensed Funeral Director, William 'Bill' Savino. Bill personally oversees the entire creation of your Memorial and has the experience and knowledge to bring those family members who have passed to your Private Memorial Museum™ — all family members may rest in peace together. Bill insists that only the highest level of professional service and quality are provided to each and every valued client. This level of attention, combined with the exclusive use of the highest quality stone and material, is the reason The Eternal Legacy is the only provider of Custom Private Memorial Museums™ in the industry.

We look forward to your request for a Private Consultation…where your privacy is just as important to us as is to you and your family.


William (Bill) Savino
World's Strongest Warranty

World's Strongest Warranty


We are dedicated to making the most durable Private Memorial Museums™ on the planet. Our Memorials are guaranteed for long-lasting beauty with the strongest warranty in our industry — all sculpted in 100% granite and guaranteed to last for eternity.

The Eternal Legacy warranty protects in perpetuity against cracking, checks and defects. If a sealmark monument cracks, checks or proves defective with the passage of time, we will replace it. Whatever happens, there is no expiration date. This is our uncompromising promise.

The Perpetual Trust is backed by the Wilmington Trust Company of Delaware, and the warranties are transferable to heirs, assignees or cemetery management.


Giving Back

A portion of the proceeds from your Private Memorial Museum™ will be donated on your behalf to the "We Are All Unique" Foundation - a non-profit foundation that believes in helping solve problems that exist in society today. "Everyone Smiles In The Same Language."

Dedication Ceremony

The Dedication Ceremony of your Private Memorial Museum™ upon completion is just one of those life events that should be honored with those that mean the most to you. The Eternal Legacy offers to arrange a private dedication ceremony for you, your family and VIP guests. This ceremony consists of saying a few words about your Private Memorial Museum™ and the toasting to honor all family members' past, present and future. This dedication ceremony can be an extravagant life event or private ceremony.

Schedule a Private Consultation With Our Founder & Licensed Funeral Director

Our Executive Team provides a personalized level of service in the planning, design and construction of your Private Memorial Museum.™ We look forward to helping you express your spirit through an architectural and artistic tribute of a Private Memorial Museum™ designed for you, with you… and by us!

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